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Do you think the Presbyterian Church in Elkins have just voted themselves out of a good pastor?


Do you believe homosexuality is a sin according to the bible?


Do you have any homosexual friends?




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This Vote is not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Internet users in general, nor the public as a whole. The Voting Booth sponsor is not responsible for content, functionality or the opinions expressed therein. 


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How are you registered to vote?

Democrat - 65%
Republican - 30%
Other - 5%

How often do you exercise your voting right?

Always - 78%
Sometimes - 13%
Never - 5%

Will you vote straight ticket or individually choose your candidates?

Straight Ticket - 11%
I will choose whoever I feel is best  - 89%

What type of connection do you currently use for Internet Access?
How satisfied are you with your current Internet Service Provider?

Type Service %
Using this
Satisfied Not
Phone 57% 23% 50% 27%
DSL 25% 61% 36% 3%
Cable 13% 66% 34%  
Satellite 4% 50% 50%  
Other 1% 100%    


Do you consider yourself a "swing" voter?
(Someone who will make up their mind on the issues presented before the election)

Yes - 62%  No - 38%

Do you think President Bush wanted to invade Iraq from the day he took his oath of office?

Yes - 62%  No - 38%

If you knew then what you know now would you have protested going to war in Iraq?

Yes- 42%  No - 58%

Will you take a ride on one of our excursion trains this year?

Yes - 27%  No - 73%

On a scale of one to ten how would you rate the news worthiness of the wvhome Discussion Area?


How often do you frequent the Discussion Areas?

Daily:  23%
Every other day:  54%
Weekly or longer:  23%

Do you think there is a local social value to having these opinion areas?

Yes: 50%
Some:  22%
None:  38%

What level of moderation would you like to see in the discussion areas?

None:  8%
Just like it is:  46%
People must register with valid email addresses:  15%
People must register with their names:  31%

Do you vote in the West Virginia Home Primary Voting Booth?

Yes:  77%
No:  23%

How important is it to you for our Government to determine who leaked the name of our CIA operative?

71% - Very Important
4% - Of some Importance
25% - Really Don't Care

How long will we have troops in Iraq?

12% - Another Year
24% - Two Years
28% - Two to Five Years
32% - Longer

How do you think the war in Iraq is going?

12% - Great
46% - Fair
42% - Not so good

Should the constitution be amended to exclude gay marriages?

Yes - 59%  No - 41%

What is your voter registration?

71% - Democrat
16% - Republican
8% - Independent
5% - Other

Will you go to see the movie "Passion?"

Yes - 62%  No - 38%

Are you financially better off this year then you were four years ago?

Yes - 39%   No - 61%

What percentage of your Christmas shopping will be done at Wal-Mart this year?


What percentage of your Christmas shopping will be done over the Internet this year?


How much do you plan to spend for Christmas this year?


Should Christmas celebrations and/or parties be banned in our schools?

Yes - 8%  No - 92%

Should the Pledge of Allegiance be changed to omit the words "under God?"

Yes - 27%  No - 73%

Do you think the war in Iraq was a good idea or a bad idea?

Good Idea - 54%  Bad Idea - 46%

Will you buy Jessica Lynch's book?

No - 100%

On the scale of one to ten how would you rate your sex life?


How would you rate your significant other in a scale of one to ten?


Have you ever been in an adulterous relationship?

Yes - 50%   No - 50%

For those living in Elkins, how would you rate Mayor Judy Guye so far?

(Scale of one to ten)
1 = Lousy 10=Great


How would you rate the County Commission?

(Scale of one to ten)
1 = Lousy 10=Great


How would you rate our Sheriff's Department?

(Scale of one to ten)
1 = Lousy 10=Great


How was the Forest Festival this year?

(Scale of one to ten)
1 = Lousy 10=Great


Approximately how much money did you spend at the Forest Festival?


Are you disappointed in Bob Wise for not attending the  Forest Festival?

Yes - 83%  No - 17%

How would you rate the Bush Administration's performance in the War with Iraq?


(Scale of one to ten)
1 = Lousy 10=Great

Will you vote for Bush?

Yes - 48%   No - 52%

Are you looking forward to the Forest Festival?

Yes - 43% - No - 57%

How would you rate President Bush overall.

(Scale of one to ten)
1 = Lousy 10=Great

Do you think it would be a good idea for our country to have a Department of Peace to help find peaceful solutions to problems?

43% Yes - 57% No

Are you happy spring is here?

89% Yes - 11% No

Now that the war has started do you think we should have continued to pursue other options prior to starting?

67% No -33% Yes

How would you rate the news media coverage of the war?

(Scale of one to ten)
1 = Lousy 10=Great

Do you think we should have reporters with our troops?

56% Yes - 44% No

How do you feel about the unedited opinion areas found on this website? 

73% - Good for the Community
27% - Bad for the Community

Do you think we should go to war with Iraq?

63% Yes - 37% No

Do you support our troops in the Persian Gulf?

83% Yes - 17% No

Do you think the Town of Elkins should hire a City Manager?

54% Yes - 46% No

Should we allow weapons inspectors more time to do their job?

45% Yes - 55% No

If given the opportunity would you get the Smallpox vaccine?

63% Yes

How many hours a day are you on the Internet?

1.7 hours

What percentage of your Christmas shopping this year was done on-line?


How much money will you spend on Christmas this year?


Should the Randolph County Commission schedule Executive Sessions at the end of their meetings so the attending citizens are not inconvenienced?
87% Yes - 13% No

On the scale of one (lousy) to ten (great) how are the County Commissioners doing?

Will you be taking a vacation this summer?
62% Yes - 38% No

Do you think the 911 ordinance will be signed before the 6/12 deadline?
32% Yes - 68% Yes

Job Survey:

What jobs would you like to see come to Randolph county?

Manufacturing, Computer Related, Technical, Teachers, Federal

What is the least amount of salary you would/could work for?


Your Post Office:

Pickens 2%
Elkins 41%
Montrose 6%
Belington 4%
Beverly 8%
Valley Head 4%
Dailey 6%
Bowden 2%
Harman 6%
Norton 2%
Parsons 5%
Snowshoe 7%
Marlinton 7%

Do you think the 4H should stop using tribe names?
10% - Yes   90% - No 

Would you support legislation that would require the County Health Department to list each week the name of the public eating establishment that was cited for health violations so that you could make a more informed decision on where to take your family for an evening out? 

79% - Yes   21% - No

Do you wonder why there is not some closures (1, 2 or 5 days or even longer) of eateries by the County Sanitarian occasionally for violations?

83% - Yes   17% - No

Do you think our public restaurants are so clean and absent any serious deficiencies that they therefore never suffer any action by the County Health officials?

21% - Yes   79% - No

Have you ever gotten ill within about 4 hours of having dined out in a local restaurant or eatery of some sort?  What did you think it was, the flu?

35% - Yes   65% - No

Have you ever paid significant attention to the lack of cleanliness in a lot of our restrooms in public places?  Do you think these should link to the closing of a restaurant if the violation is serious?

83% - Yes   17% - No

What about Walmart's restrooms-if they cannot keep them clean, should the Health officials close them down?

69% - Yes   31% - No

What would be a suitable remedy for persons parking in the firelanes say at Walmart and KMart:

        $50 fine, with proceeds going to the Fire Departments?  65%

        They be required to cleanup all the trash from the parking lot for 30 days, particularly dirty cigar/cigarette butts?  17%

        They be required to help clean the restrooms of each of the businesses located in that shopping center for 30 days?  3%

        Their car actually be impounded for 30 days?   15%

Are you aware of the amount of trash (foam products, glass, plastic bottles, etc.) that gets dumped in the streams in the county?          
79% - Yes   21% - No

    Have you ever dumped items of a chemical nature (things like herbicide, paint thinner, nail polish remover, paint, etc.) down the toilet?   10% - Yes   90% - No

    Are you aware of persons dumping creosoted railroad ties in the streams or know that some have used them along the streams to control the flow?  
32% - Yes   68% - No

    Do you believe these leached chemicals get into the water? 
79% - Yes   21% - No

    Are you aware of any raw sewage going into the streams?     
53% - Yes   47% - No

    Have you ever seen persons dumping creosote that was cleaned from their chimney into a stream?     
16% - Yes   84% - No

    Are you aware that some of these chemicals cannot be filtered or removed from the water at the purification plants and therefore could remain in the water we drink on a daily basis?    
63% - Yes   37% - No

    Do you think our own deplorable practices in the county regarding what gets into the streams has any bearing on the number of cancer cases annually?      
58% - Yes   42% - No

Do you have virus protection on your computer?
97% YES - 3% NO

Do you keep your virus protection up-to-date with regular downloads of new virus definitions?
67% Yes - 33% No

Do you agree with the way the prisoners at Guantanamo are being treated?
91% Yes - 9% No

Do you think the military/government should have had the public relations ramifications figured out a little better?
36% Yes - 64% No

Do elected officials need a pay raise?
10% Yes - 90% No

Do we need a change in the legislature?
88% Yes - 12% No

Are you think 2002 will be a good year for you and your family?
90% Yes - 10% No

Did you make a New Year's resolution?
20% Yes - 80% No

Are you covered by health insurance?
70% Yes - 30% No

Did you attend church on Christmas eve?
22% Yes - 78% No

Do you think Osama is dead, or alive?
14% Dead - 86% Alive

Which do you like better?
53% Coke - 47% Pepsi

Will you be spending the holidays at home this year?
94% Yes - 6% No

Should the Americans fighting for the Taliban be tried for treason?
86% Yes - 14% No

Do you think a "dirty bomb" will be set off in the USA within the next few years?
50% Yes - 50% No

Up to how much would you be willing to pay for 911 service each month?

Will you put Christmas lights on your house?
64% Yes - 36% No

Will you have a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree?
69% Real - 31% Artificial

What type of winter are you anticipating?
22% Mild - 56% Average - 22% Harsh

Of the money you will spend for Christmas this year, what percentage do you anticipate spending in Randolph County?

How much are you planning to spend on Christmas?

Christmas is almost here.  Will you spend more, the same, or less than last year?
8% More - 69% Same - 23% Less

Should Randolph County go ahead with 911 service?
92% Yes - 8% No

Do you have escape plans or have you made any preparations for such an action?
6% Yes - 94% No

Are you concerned about Bin Laden's threat of nuclear bombing within the U.S.?
53% Yes - 47% No

Do you think Bin laden is still in Afghanistan?
80% Yes - 20% No

If you ran for public office, would you have anything in your past that could be dug up and aired in public?
58% Yes - 42% No

On a scale from one (lousy) to ten (great) how would you rate our military actions in Afghanistan so far?

On a scale from one (no fear) to ten (very fearful) how fearful are you of a terrorist attack occurring in Randolph County?

On a scale from one (no confidence) to ten (very confident) how confident are you in President Bush?

The month long religious holiday of Ramadan starts in the middle of November.  Should we continue bombing during their holiday if our objectives have not been met?
79% YES - 21% NO

Are you taking personal precautions when opening mail?
23% YES - 77% NO

Do you support the current military campaign against the Taliban and bin Laden?
100% Yes

Do you think the outbreak of anthrax attacks are somehow related to Iraq?
60% Yes - 40% No

Are you expecting another terrorist attack on American soil in the coming months?
85% Yes - 15% No

On a scale from one (lousy) to ten (great) how would you rate the Forest Festival this year?

Has the terrorist attack made you afraid to fly?
73% Yes
27% No

Should our government be given the authority to scan ALL email in this country in an effort to stop terrorism?
45% Yes
55% No

How long do you think it will take us to capture, or kill bin Laden?
One month  11%
1 to 6 Months 18%
6 to 12 Months 27%
Over a Year 18%
Never 27%

On a scale of one (lousy) to ten (great) what is your rating of Mayor Virg Broughton?

On a scale of one (lousy) to ten (great) what is your rating of how President Bush is handling the attack?

Are you flying the American Flag outside your house or on your car?
89% Yes - 11% No

Poll taken after the World Trade Center attack...

Do you feel safe in America now? 
46% Yes - 54% No 

Are you stockpiling food or any emergency items?
6% Yes - 94% No  

Have you made emergency plans with your family and friends? 
3% Yes - 97% No

Have you purchased a gun or additional ammo?
3% Yes - 97% No 

Do you think we will have more terrorist attacks? 
91% Yes - 9% No

Do you think we can go back to the way we were prior to September 11th? 
14% Yes - 86% No 

Do you think the draft should be brought back into practice?
31% Yes - 69% No 

On a scale from one (no grief) to ten (grief of a loved one loss) how has the World Trade Center attack left your emotions?

Do you know anyone who is dead or missing in NY, or know anyone who has lost a friend, or relative to the attack?
30% Yes - 70% No

Do you distrust all Arabs or just those associated with terrorist groups?
9% All - 91% Just Terrorists

Do you have confidence that our leaders will do the right thing?
75% Yes - 25% No

If Afgahanistan doesn't hand over Osama Bin Laden, should we bomb Kabul?
79% Yes - 21% No

Do you think uniforms should be mandatory across the US for school children?
36% YES - 64% NO

On a scale from one (lousy) to ten (great) how would you rate your summer?

Do you  drive with HEADLIGHTS on when your windshield wipers are being used ?
100% Yes

Would you be willing to contribute labor or money to help with a recreation project for our young people in Elkins?
50% Yes - 50% No

Would you be willing to volunteer to help keep a recreation project in operation?
40% Yes - 60% No

How often do you look at the wvhome.com opinion area?
Once a day - 83%
Every few days - 17%

Do you own a pet?
86% Yes - 14% No

Do you have a cellphone?
78% YES -22% NO

The train whistle can be heard around the town of Elkins.  Have you taken a ride yet?
13% - Yes
38% - No
49% - No, but I will

In the Kanawha Court this week a Judge will decide if WVUHS can make the DMH Board members resign.  What decision would please you?
100% - Forced to resign
0% - Should not be forced to resign

Have you visited any events at Augusta (on the D&E campus) yet this summer?
8% Yes - 92% No

If you are an Elkins resident, "did your council person ask you how you felt about support of DMH?"
100% No

When moving to a new home, which room do you set up first?
72% - Kitchen
12% - Bathroom
12% Bedroom
4% - Last Room Back

Do you have faith that the Railroad Depot is being handled correctly?
27% Yes - 73% No

Do you think allowing China to host the Olympic Games was a good choice?
27% Yes - 73% No

What type of Internet access do you have?
79% Phone Line
14% Ethernet
7% T1

If the DMH board wanted your signature in support of their efforts, would you give it?
100% No

Did you buy fireworks to set off in your backyard this year?
78% No - 22% Yes
(I originally had these results backwards.  They are now correct, sorry!)

When you drive into Stuart Park you have to pay $2.00, what will you do?
I will put my $2 in the envelope then go in and enjoy myself - 50%
I will drive by the envelope box like it wasn't there and go into the park and enjoy myself - 37.5%
I will turn around and leave - 12.5%

Bank question.  Everyone's seen the sign "Deposits made after 2pm will be credited next business day".  Question is, "If you make a deposit after 2pm on Friday, when is your account credited?" 
100% Monday

How far have you gone educationally?
42% High School
8% Associates Degree
17% 4 Years of College
25% Masters
8% Doctorate

Have you ever received welfare checks?
100% No

Do you think the Federal Authorities will do a full investigation of the Davis Memorial Hospital?
37.5 Yes - 62.5 No

Do you own a gun?
89% Yes - 11% No

How many guns do you own?
Average = 13

Should we have capital punishment?
75% Yes - 25% No

On a scale of one (lousy) to ten (great) how would you rate our Randolph County jail?

What is your abortion belief?
Pro-Choice - 55%
In the Middle - 11%
Pro-Life - 34%

How do you read the Intermountain?
Subscribe - 71%
Purchase it daily at least 4-6 times a week - 4%
Purchase it daily 1-3 times a week - 17%
Don't buy it but read it when I get the chance - 8%
Do not read it - 0%

On the average, how many times a month do you go to the movies?
1.4 times

On a scale from one (lousy) to ten (great) how do you feel about our County Commissioners?

Who should plant around the Iron Horse statue, Larry Gouer or the Master Gardener's?
67% Larry - 20% Master - 13% Don't Care

On a scale from one (lousy) to ten (great) how would you rate our Sheriff's Department?

Will you be watching the Winston Cup race Sunday evening?
23% Yes - 77% No

How old are you?
Average age 47.66  

Do you know enough about the DMH situation, or do you want to know more?
17% have had enough
79% want more information
4% do not care

On the average how many times do you eat out during the week (including lunch)?
3.7 times

Where do you live?
Within 4 miles of Elkins - 76%
Between Mingo and Elkins - 10%
(includes Monterville, Pickens, and Adolph)
Between Harman and Elkins - 4%
Between Ellamore and Elkins - 4%
(Coalton, Norton, Harding, Cassity and Mabie)
Between Montrose and Elkins - 6%

Hypothetical question:

You regain consciousness while being transported to the hospital in an ambulance.  The medic notices then whispers in your ear, "where to, Mac, DM Hospital or St. Joseph's Hospital?"  What'll be your answer?
50% Davis Memorial Hospital
50% St. Joseph's Hospital

"Front page hits" on the Wvhome.com website have more than doubled in the past two months and now average 350 per day.  If you owned a business would you consider advertising that business here?
80% Yes - 20% No

Have you read the DMH audit summary in it's entirety?
54% Yes - 46% No 

On a scale from one (lousy) to ten (great), how would you rate Bob Wise on his first three months in office?

Do you think the entire Board at the DMH should step down?
79% Yes - 21% No

Summer is almost here and that means vacation time for many.  How much are you planning to spend on your vacation this year?
50% are not taking a vacation

Do you feel the Discussion Area at wvhome.com is a good thing, or a bad thing?
95% Good thing
5% Not sure

WVUHS vs DMH.  Who is your choice?
89% WVUHS - 11% DMH

On a scale of one (lousy) to ten (great), what is your overall opinion of DMH?

What brand beer do you drink?
42% Budweiser
10% Miller
20% Other
28% Don't drink beer

Will you be planting a vegetable garden this year?
30% YES - 70% NO

Were you born in Randolph County?
37%YES - 63%NO

Do you approve of an open discussion area with no censorship on the Internet?
78% YES - 22% NO

Have you used your computer to make long distance phone calls over the Internet?
(ie. dialpad.com)
88% NO - 12% YES

Are you planning to watch the Super Bowl?
100% NO
(this one was hard to believe)

On the average, how many hours a day are you on the Internet?

2.72 hours

Do you think the year 2001 will be a good year for you or a bad year?

56% Good  44% Bad

Do you think everyone is divided along party lines on the Florida recount issue?
43% YES - 57% NO

Are you happily excited about this Christmas season?
72% YES - 28% NO

Will you have a real, or artificial Christmas tree this year?
43% real   57% artificial

Do you think the State of Florida should include the hand recounts of Counties choosing to do so in their "certified vote" totals?
55% YES - 45% NO

Christmas is coming fast, how much will you spend this year?

What fuel do you heat with?
Nat. Gas - 29%
Propane - 19%
Electric - 8%
Wood/Coal - 31%
Pellet - 8%
Oil - 5%

Will it be Bush or Gore?
62% Bush - 38% Gore

Do you enjoy winter in Elkins?
67% Yes - 33% No

How much money will you spend on the Forest Festival this year?

Avg. $18.49

What type of winter snowfall would please you this year?

30% None
55% Moderate
15% Heavy

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your summer this year?


Who killed President Kennedy?
Our Government?   40%
The Mafia?   10%
Oswald?   30%
Cuba/Russia?   20%
Other?   0%

Do you have confidence that the war on drugs is working to the benefit of the US citizens?
100% NO

Do you play the lottery at least once a week?
20% YES - 80% NO

Are you a member of the NRA?
37% YES - 63% NO

What is a bigger health issue tobacco, or alcohol?
62% Alcohol - 38% Tobacco

Who deserves the most blame for the enormous health care problem that smoking creates, the Tobacco Industry, or Smokers?

25% Tobacco - 75% Smokers

Whether you inhaled or not, has a marijuana cigarette ever touched your lips?

62% YES - 38% NO

Do you feel just a little bit "guilty" when you spend your money at Walmart?
8% YES - 92% NO

How many weeks of vacation do you get a year?
17%-over 4, 14%-3, 24%-2, 29%-1, 16%-none

Are you looking forward to riding the train between Elkins and Durbin in the near future?
92 YES - 8% NO

Were you born and raised in Randolph County?
55% NO - 45% YES

How many cars are in your household?
[0-10%]   [1-20%]   [2-40%]   [3-15]   [4-15%]

Will you be voting next Tuesday?
72% YES - 28% NO

Do you believe in evolution?
78% YES - 22% NO

Go-Mart with it's bright lights and cheaper gas is now open.  Will you be "filling up" there?
92% YES - 8% NO

Are you going to have a vegetable garden this year?
83% YES - 17% NO

How long has it been since you have had a precautionary medical check up?
34% within a year
28% 1 to 5 years
38% longer than 5 years

Would you like more information about the various candidates running for Randolph County offices?
90% YES - 10% NO

Who would you vote for Bush or Gore?
50% Bush - 50% Gore

Do you pray every day?
90% YES - 10% NO

Do you think gas prices will continue to rise?
87% YES - 13% NO

Do you think the new Go-Mart, and it's soon to arrive, very large sign, will hurt the looks of Downtown Elkins?
62% YES - 38% NO

Are you happy?
100% YES

Should the Confederate flag be flown over the South Carolina Capitol?
40% YES - 40% NO - 20% WHO CARES

Are you satisfied with your job?
50% YES - 25% Somewhat - 25% NO

Are you pleased with the current slate of candidates for county offices?
100% NO

What age group are you in?
   Up to 20(13%)     21 to 35(27%)    36 to 50(40%)    51 and up(20%)

Have you thought about ways to make money over the Internet?
100% YES

Whether you abide by it or not, will you come up with a personal New Year's Resolution this year?
100% YES

Have you taken any steps to prepare for any potential Y2K problems?
100% YES?

Would you like to have your Internet access restricted/censored?  95% NO - 5% YES

Approximately what percentage of your Christmas shopping was done over the Internet?

On a scale of one (don't like it) to ten (the best time of the year), how would you rate the Thanksgiving/Christmas season in your life?
Score 4.75

Do you have the money needed for Christmas this year?
13% YES   87% NO

Do you think the Microsoft Corporation has been good for the consumer?
100% YES

If money was no object, would you by an Apple Computer or an IBM Compatible?
92% IBM - 8% Apple

What type of computer do you use, Apple or IBM Compatible?   100% IBM

Do you strictly maintain a monthly personal budget?
100% NO

Are you looking forward to the Forest Festival?
75% YES 25% NO

Do you currently have health care insurance coverage?
65% YES  35% NO

Will you be stockpiling any food for the year 2000 date change?
75% YES  25% NO

 If your Federal Government told you the sun was shining, would you look outside just to be sure?
90% YES    10% NO

Have you ever ordered anything through the Internet?

100% YES

For those who are married, did you make the right choice?
85% YES, 15% NO

Should marijuana (pot) be legalized?
12% NO-88% YES

If you could, would you move away from Randolph County?

60% NO - 40% YES

Have you ever participated in an Augusta course or concert?
38% YES  % 62% NO

Will posting the Ten Commandments in schools help reduce crime?
100% NO

Are you concerned that our "right to bear arms" could soon be taken away?
100% YES

Do you think there is extraterrestrial life?
60% YES  40% NO

Our government writes a $2billion check for the Yugoslav war, yet we have homeless and citizens without health insurance in our own country.  Are we doing the right thing?
66% NO, 33% YES

Did you know that Davis & Elkins College is experiencing financial difficulties?
100% YES

Should parents be held accountable for the actions of their underaged children?
85% Yes  15% NO

Considering the school shootings in Denver, should we have more gun controls?
8% Yes  92% NO

Was the punishment too harsh for Dr. Jack Kevorkian?
60% YES 40% NO

Do you support the NATO campaign in Yugoslavia?
55% NO 45% YES

Do you attend Church regularly?
92% NO  8% YES

In New York they take the car from 1st offender DUI's.  Do you agree with this punishment?
83% NO - 17% YES

Are you satisfied with your boss?

80% NO  20% YES

Will the Internet become a more powerful medium than TV, RADIO, and NEWSPAPERS?
35% N0  65% YES

  Do you think our neglect for the environment is changing the weather patterns?
47% NO  53% YES

Should we build Corridor H?
50% NO - 50% YES

Are you satisfied with your current ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
80% NO - 20% YES

Do you know for sure that your computer and important programs are Y2K ready?
92% NO, 8% YES

Are you concerned about the impending year 2000 computer problems?

Will wearing nametags reduce school violence?
100% NO

Do you take your New Year's Resolution seriously?
90% YES-10%NO

The "Poor Timing" bombing Iraq poll was:
50 YES-50% NO

The Presidential impeachment tally was:
67% YES and 33% NO

The tally for whether you think the Internet will replace libraries was:
100% NO





As always, stay tuned for more!