Elkins High School


The slate used is exactly as we found it attached to the classroom walls. The face and back remains the same. They have the wear and tear of 67 years of constant use plus 16 years of sad abuse. I had wondered what I would do when I inevitably come upon those pieces laced with the profanity of a teenager. Then I ran across a friend who said he wanted those - framed. "One man's trash another man's treasure."

Framing will be done primarily in oak, cherry and wormy chestnut. Each piece will be processed in my woodshop from rough sewn local woods to the finished product. Due to different slate cuts and my prerogative to change designs each piece will be unique. It feels good giving new life to this piece of Elkins history. 

The blackboards can been seen and purchased at Mary's Greenhouse and at Muffler's Brakes and More!


Here are a few blackboards in the "portrait" position
The center "old school" unit is the best seller. The two boards behind the center board are larger, took longer to make, and are more expensive. Neither of those have sold. The two boards in front, of which I only made a few have all sold. II will make more of those sometime in 2014.
Here is a sampling showing the "landscape" position
Large cherry board  in the back has not sold. It took longer to make and costs more. 
Traditional Portrait style framed in oak
Current price $125 - only one made.
Traditional Landscape framed in oak
Current price $110 - Only a few left
Simple student tablet framed in cherry
Current price $50 - Sold out
Old School landscape style framed in wormy chestnut
Current price $75

Counter Top portrait framed in cherry
Price was $65 - Sold out


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"Stop at Mary's Greenhouse and see them."